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Chain Link Fence For Sale

By on December 16, 2014 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

Before you go on and try to install a chain link fence on your own, there are some guidelines that you should follow to make the installation go as smoothly as possible. A chain link fence might be a good asset to your property, and a chain link fence can actually be quite versatile in many ways.

There are things that you absolutely must check on before you decide to install a chain link fence. You’ve to check that the fence footings do not exceed the legally set property lines between you and your neighbors. If you are not sure where the exact property lines lie, then consult a real estate agent for their line plot or you can ask a professional surveyor. Before you begin on your chain link fence, you also need to know what the local codes are for specifications on frontage locations, allowable fence heights, and things like that.

Usually a building permit is required, so make sure that you’ve that in a noticeable area before you begin. Finally, and maybe most importantly for safety, contact your local utilities companies for the locations of a possible underground wires or pipes. This is extremely important for your safety, and should you fail to pinpoint locations of these things and accidently tear into one with a shovel or post hole digger, it could cause serious injury and death.

Some of the materials that you may need for installing a chain link fence include string or chalk lines and stakes, a long tape measure, a wheelbarrow, shovels, a hoe and a post hole digger, a carpenters level, your tool box of wrenches, a pipe cutter or a hacksaw, pliers, tension wire clips and a fence stretcher. These things might be found either at your neighborhood hardware store or may be for rent at some places as well.

Make sure that the parts that you’ve are what you will be needing for your chain link fence installation. Some of the parts that you will require that you must check to make sure you’ve are fence ties, tension bands, top rails, rail ends, gate fork latches and terminal post caps. Youll want to make sure that you also have rail end bands and bottom tension wire, terminal posts and tension bars, gate frame hinges and gate post hinges. Making sure that you’ve these things for your chain link fence before you begin will make the job much easier and go much more smoothly.


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