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Cost Of Chain Link Fence

By on December 15, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

A chain link dog run in Calgary can make pet owners’ lives much easier, particularly those that have dogs who are prone to escapism. Dog runs in Calgary can be as large as you want, with whatever features you desire, but are designed to keep your canine pal confined to one particular area. It is certainly preferable to chaining him up to a post in your yard, and it ensures your dog’s safety as well as the safety of anyone who might visit your property.

The question, though, is where to install a chain link dog run in Calgary. Your backyard is the obvious choice, but you will need to designate an area of that space specifically for the run. There are several factors to consider, so make sure you think it through before you pull out your tool belt.

High Ground

One of the primary problems with a chain link dog run in Calgary is that, if it is installed on lower ground, it will flood easily. This will make life very uncomfortable for your four-legged family member, and could even result in serious injury or disease. Insects, mold, and fungus flourish in damp environments, and your pet will be far colder in winter if his run has been saturated by rainwater.

Many homeowners build up their dog runs in Calgary so they are higher than other parts of their yards. You can either build up the ground and leave the footing as dirt or grass, or you can build a concrete platform for the run. Either way, it should be located on the highest point of the yard, with the ground sloping away if there is any change in elevation.


The purpose of a dog run is twofold: first, to keep the dog confined; and second, to provide him with sufficient room in which to get exercise. A good general rule is to build a dog run that is at least five times longer than the dog is from nose to tail. Ideally, it should be one-third to one-half as wide as it is long.

This means you will have to select a section of your yard that is big enough to satisfy these recommendations. Many people choose the side yard, between the house and the fence, because this area is often the right size. However, you will still want people to be able to pass by the dog run, so you will have to measure first.


If possible, build a chain link dog run in Calgary that is afforded any form of shade. The run does not need to be shaded all the time, nor does the entire run require shade. Rather, you will want it to be partially shaded, at a minimum, so the dog has somewhere to rest when temperatures rise.

A tree, building, or fence can provide shade at certain times of the day, so you might just need to position your dog run so it falls next to one of those elements. If there is no shade in your yard, on the other hand, you might want to create artificial shade with an awning, tarp, or other material.


It is much easier to erect a chain link dog run in Calgary if the ground on which it sits is flat. Sloping or uneven chunks of land are not ideal for this purpose because they make installation difficult and because the dog is more likely to hurt himself. If necessary, you might have to even out a section of property so you have a flat area on which to build.

Chain link is an ideal material for dog runs because it is inexpensive, flexible, and easy to install. Just remember that the location of the dog run deserves as much consideration as the type of run you intend to build.


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