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Cost To Replace Asphalt Shingle Roof

By on September 3, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

Have you been looking at your roof and wondering if you’re ready for a new one? There are some purchases you look forward to, such as buying a new car or furnishings. The roof, however, usually lands on the back burner. As a result, many people wind up waiting until the roof is actively leaking before they look into replacing it. This leads to structural damage inside the home and encourages the growth of mold. Fortunately, there are some warning signs you can watch for, so you will get your roof replaced before you have water stains on the ceiling.

Shedding Granules: Asphalt roofs have a protective layer of granules that make it waterproof. If your roof doesn’t have these granules, it’s more likely to fail. Look for dark streaks traveling down the roof. After a rain, climb a ladder and take a peek in the gutters. If it looks like there is sand in your gutters, your shingles are probably shedding granules.

Condition of the Shingles: Stand back from the home and use binoculars to take a look at the shingles. Do they have curling edges? Does it look like they are buckling? This is a safe way to view the roof and see if shingles are blistering, bent, chipped or otherwise damaged. If only a few are damaged, then you can call to have them replaced. However, if the damage is spread out over the roof or extensive, than it’s better to replace the entire roof. Even if some of the shingles appear to be fine, they will probably start showing their own damage in a short time.

Attic Temperature: Go up in the attic in the middle of the day and check the temperature. Is it sweltering hot? If you open the attic door and feel like you’re standing in an oven, then your home has poor ventilation. This leads to premature shingle failure as the heat rises through the roof deck and damages the shingles from underneath. It’s important to call professional roofers to have the ventilation corrected. Even if your roof is still in good condition, the heat will damage it and cause it to wear down faster than it should.

Simple Age: Roofs aren’t made to last forever. Asphalt shingle roofs will last 15 to 30 years depending on brand and the quality of your shingles. Metal roofs are more durable, but they will also need to be replaced after 30 to 50 years. Do the math on your roof. If the numbers say that it’s time for a new one, than call a roofer and ask to have it inspected.

When it’s time to have your roof replaced, take a moment to ask your friends for referrals. Social media makes it easy to send out a message asking your friends if they can refer you to anyone. Those word of mouth referrals are the best, and they will usually lead to you a quality roofer. Whether you want the roof inspected or you know that it’s time for a new one, call today and make an appointment so you will not have to worry about water leaks and structural damage.


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