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Framing Nails For Nail Gun

By on September 11, 2014 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

Unlike most tools, nail guns are not meant for general purpose use – there is no all-purpose nail gun that you can use on all your work. Nail guns are designed to carry out particular jobs, so prior to buying a new nail gun it’s important to understand the jobs it will be used for.

The kinds of nail guns are:

– Roofing and Siding nail guns: These are designed for the specialized task of installing either roofing or siding. They store large numbers of nails that are designed specifically for the job at hand (roofing or siding). These are almost always coil-type nail guns.

– Framing nail guns: These nail guns are intended to drive bigger (1-1/2″ to 4″) box-type nails into bigger pieces of wood. These types of nail guns are mostly fairly heavy and big and are mostly stick-type nail guns, they there are any coil-types available too.

– Finish nail guns: These are often also called brad or pin nail guns. They are intended for nailing smaller finish-type nails into light pieces of material. These nail guns tend to be lighter and smaller than framing nail guns, and they are mostly used for trim or finishing work. These are mostly stick-type nail guns.

Once you select the variety of nail gun you want, any other features that are very nice to have and which you should look for are:

– An adjustable exhaust output. When nails are put in, air is expelled from the nail gun. It’s very nice to have this adjustment so that the exhaust air is not being delivered into your face.

– An easy-to-use depth adjustment. Nearly all nail guns have an adjustment to control how hard the nail is delivered. Using this setting, your nail is not left jutting out of the surface, or sunk too deep far in. Many nail guns need tools, and time, to change this setting, others can be set without using tools and these tend to be much quicker to adjust. If you think you will be changing this adjustment fairly often, the easier and quicker it is to set, the easier it will be to use this nail gun.

– A good-sized trigger. If you are intending to be working with your nail gun outdoors in snowy weather, you will likely be wearing winter gloves. If so you will want to make sure you have a good-sized trigger so that you can operate it while wearing gloves.

– If you are planning on delivering a lot of nails, should think about the capacity of the nail gun and also the the effort required to load nails into the gun. Choosing the correct nail gun can save you a lot of time on a job, or cost you a lot of time if you make the wrong decision.

– A swivel on the air connector to the nail gun. If you will be moving around often with your nail gun, this helps reduce the tangling of your air line.

In conclusion, make sure you look at the reviews for the nail gun you are thinking about getting. Checking out a tool in a store or on-line, it’s really hard to know how well it will work on site. By looking at the reviews of people that have used the nail gun, you will get a better feel for how this nail gun will work for you.


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