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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Pictures

By on November 2, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

Your home’s entrances should provide easy access to and from your yard. First impressions count for a lot, so aesthetic appeal surrounding your entryways is important. It is easiest to begin with the highest traffic access area: how you will reach your home from your driveway. Next, assess the paths and walkways to and from all access areas of your home. Plantings surrounding these areas should guide visitors’ eye towards your entry/exit points. If you use a side entrance as often, or more often, than your front door, focus attention here as well.

Shrubs, colorful bloom, walkways, border and foundation beds, and lighting may be used. If planting for height, build up towards your house; that is to say, start lower on the periphery and gradually increase the height of your plants as they approach the house to direct attention to the entrance. A note of caution is that garden beds bordering a walkway or path can distract attention from your entrance; the best way I can explain it is to think of the beginning of your walkway as a starting point leading your entry as a vector opening directing you towards your door. Your entryway should be inviting as well as safe. Depending on your neighborhood, good lighting and moderate visibility ensure safety at night when walking from your garage or driveway into your home. If you have a foyer, mudroom, laundry room, summer kitchen, or utility room that abuts your front or rear entry, plan for ease on the eyes as well as functional traffic flow.

How do you guide traffic to and through your access areas? Walkways, privacy hedges, shrubs, border gardens, edging, fencing, trellises, screens, and railings are options. You can use planters to highlight entryways to certain areas. Screens, hedges, raised beds, and fencing can also be used to mask areas that are more utility-based from view. Keep in mind your desired time frame when designating areas and boundaries. When utilizing plantings to define access areas, space them with their mature size in mind. As your access areas will usually lead to or near your home, plantings need to be placed far enough from your foundation to allow for maintenance of both home and garden. Plants should be spaced far enough from your house and outbuildings so that you will be able to tend to them once they have reached full size. Shrubs and hedges given time to grow provide a natural boundary and screen, although fencing offers immediacy once installed.


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