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How Much To Install Fence

By on December 12, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

If you want to add a privacy fence to your property, it is a simple matter to choose the style of wooden panel fence you like and erect the fence. In the past, you had to build each wooden fence panel and then set it in place on wooden fence posts. Now you simply go to the lumberyard or home supply center and pick the panel style you like, take the panels home and hang them on the fence posts. This eliminates much of the construction time for you and helps you erect uniform panels.
Instructions as follows:
Firstly, place the stakes at each corner where you want the perhymeter of the fence. In addition to helping you figure how many wooden fence panels you need, this helps you build a straight fencerow as well. Measure each side of your perhymeter and purchase your fence panels. Adjust the length of the fence to allow for the length of the panels you are using. Most fence panels come in 4-foot, 6-foot and 8-foot lengths. Tie string from one corner post to the next, around the perhymeter of the fence line.
Secondly, measure the length of each fence panel with a tape measure. Mark off the stakes for the center posts according to the fence panel measurements. Measure from center to center instead of edge to edge. Place the stakes in line with the string.
Thirdly, use an auger to dig the holes for the posts. Start with the corner posts because they are larger posts that need deeper post holes. Dig the holes at least 2 feet deep. Dig the holes below the frost line for your geographic location. Typically, at least one-third of the length of the post needs to be in the ground. Use post hole diggers to finish removing any dirt.
Fourthly, shovel a small amount of gravel in the bottom of the post hole. Use a hand tamper to pack it. Set a corner post in the hole. Hold a level on the side of the post to make sure the post is plumb. Stake scrap pieces of wood on two sides of the post and angle them to the ground temporarily to hold the posts level. Ensure the sides of the post align with the string marker. Pack dirt in the hole around the post with the hand tamper. If you prefer, mix quick-set ready-mix concrete with water and pour it in the hole around the post. Mound the concrete at the top of the hole so that water drains away from the fence post.
Fifthly, dig and set the remaining limestone fence posts in the same manner. Allow the concrete to cure overnight.
Sixthly, paint or stain the fence panels if you plan to do so. Paint the fence posts as well. It’s easier to cover all the hard-to-reach spots while you can turn the panels in all directions. Allow the first coat of paint to dry, and then give the panels and posts a second coat.
Seventhly, hold the panels against the fence posts along with a level. It’s a good idea to have someone help you with this step. Once the panels are level, secure them to the posts with stainless steel decking screws attached through the horizontal cross pieces.
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