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How To Install A Fence Post

By on December 3, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

A T post fence is a type of fence that uses T post frames and chain link fencing. These fences are great at keeping out animals or containing a dog in your yard. They are built using the T post, rolls of chain link fence and clamps that are wrapped around the post to secure the fencing in place. Some homeowners also use green chain link or slatted chain link fencing to improve the look of the fence. You’ll need a fence post driver and any widely seen tools to complete your installation.
Instructions as follows:
Firstly, site your fence installation by placing a stake at the beginning and end of the fence installation. Tie a string between the two stakes to mark the line of your installation. Sink stakes into the ground every 10 feet or so. You will follow this string to install the fence.
Secondly, dig your first hole for the first T post at the end of the fence. Dig the hole about one foot into the ground using the T post digging tool. A general rule of thumb is that the T post needs to be sunken into the ground at least one foot for every three feet of post above the ground. This could change based on your soil type and the use of the fence. The post must be installed so the top is the same height as your fencing.
Thirdly, set the first T post into the ground in this hole. Align it vertically using a carpenter’s level and then using a hammer or T post driver sink it down into the hole another foot. After the post with each drive into the ground, recheck the vertical alignment and adjust the direction and lean of the post as necessary.
Fourthly, move to the next post installation, commonly six feet down the line from the last. Set your T post into the ground by repeating steps 2 and 3. Continue this until all your T posts are installed.
Fifthly, place the end of the fence wire spool at the first T post and clip the end to the post using a T post clip. Thread the clip through fencing and then around the T post stake, then curl the clip ends to secure them to the fencing wire. Make sure the clip is tight against the post. Repeat this step as you unroll the fencing spool along the line of T posts until you each the end.
Sixthly, cut the excess fencing using a pair of metal snippers so it is flush with the end of the T post to complete the installation.
Tips & Warnings
You can use any type of fencing with T posts. The connection methods may vary. Ask your vendor which connections, clips and hardware is necessary for the type of fencing you require. All T posts must be sunk into the ground to the height of fencing that you are going to install.
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