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Types Of Fences For Dogs

By on December 25, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

As pet owners, you only want the best for your pets, and that includes making them safe and protected wherever they go. Sometimes just like how you treat members of the family, you tend to overprotect your pets that you do not have any alternative way but to put them on a leash to prevent them from straying away from home. But pets, especially the dogs, are uncomfortable with leashes. Even if they could not tell them to your face, you will see from the way they behave that they would rather be set free than to be imprisoned with a collar tied to a rope. In fact other animal advocates see this method as a very harsh treatment.

A Safe Way

Until PetSafe radio fence came along, more families stuck to the good old tradition of keeping pet dogs on a leash. Thanks to this very innovative way of keeping pets safe, the PetSafe radio fence surely made not only pet owners happy but also kept the pets the homes safe boundaries. With PetSafe radio fence, there are no wires needed. It is a fully wireless electronic containment system that is easy to install. A plug-in transmitter is responsible for controlling the pet; and once it is plugged, it creates an invisible radius or boundary where your pets should be contained in.

The Radio Fence Components

The PetSafe radio fence has three important components:

1. Plug-In Transmitter. This is a 3-pin transmitter, which is the mother controller. It defines the signal strength and type and defines the invisible fence. The safe zone will depend on the size of your property, or you may assign or earmark the boundaries. The PetSafe radio fence allows your pet to have a play area as wide as 150 feet in diameter.

2. Collar Receiver. Another component is the collar receiver. The PetSafe radio fence requires that your pet wear a lightweight, battery-powered, and weather-proof collar in order to receive signals from the transmitter. The signals are tiny sounds; however, once he approaches the boundaries, the sound of the beep increases until a corrective shock is signaled to your pet. The shock is enough to startle your pet and remind him of the off-limits.

3. Your Pet. The PetSafe radio fence may require different setup for different dog breeds. Designer breeds and motley mixed breeds are those noted to quickly respond to the new technology of the PetSafe radio fence, while beagles or bloodhounds are not supporters of this. They may come out crashing the radio fence shock zone leaving behind a sharp transmission signal while the dog continues with his scent-chasing run.

The Online PetSafe Radio Fence Shop

If you are looking for a PetSafe radio fence, the best place to check out is the Pet Depot Online. The store is selling only top-quality products for dogs and cats. One of their leading electronic products is the PetSafe radio fence, which guarantees to really keep your pets safe and sound within the premises of your homes. Purchases on electronic products such as the PetSafe radio fence are given a lifetime limited warranty. Pet Depot Online is the only dependable store that provides products that will keep your pets happy and safe.


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