What To Ask A Roofing Contractor

By on August 12, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

When you can considering to get roofing done you will surely consider having Calabasas Roofing contractor but then the only important thing here is that you get the right one. This means that there are thousands of roofing contractor and you need to get the reliable one among them. To get the reliable one it is important that you ask a few questions to these roofing contractors so that you’re assured that you have the professional one for your roofing.

First question: Do the company have insurance?

Insurance refers to basically liability as well as compensation insurance. In case the roofing contractor does not have insurance and at the time of unfortunate situation the home owner will be liable. In case the contractor just says that they’ve the insurance do not trust them, it would be better if you ask them for the papers related to it.

Second question: Is the contractor company licensed?

The contractor companies that are licensed are the ones that you can trust. Therefore it is important that you consider this aspect. It is better that you ask the contractor whether they posse license or not. The companies that posse license will have some proof related to it or some credential form.

Third question: How long is the company into this business?

Longer the time contractor is into this business will be better for you. Usually look for the companies that are into this business for more than three years. Even though longer is better you should not overlook the new companies if they are licensed and have done many projects adequately.

Forth question: Can the company offer you referrals or references of their previous projects?

It is advisable that you ask for around 10 of their customers and their contact information. When you get them it is not possible for them to contact all the 10 numbers but then you can contact around 2 or 3 and call them. You should ask some of the questions to the referrals. Were they able to complete the work on time? So, are they customer friendly? So they take care of the consumer’s interest? Can you call the contractor a reliable one?

Fifth question: What workmanship warranty does the company provide?

Companies can provide warranty of one yr o for more than that. The main reason as to why this question is necessary is that the Calabasas Roofing contractor will provide warranty for workmanship and the manufacture will provide the same for products but then these should be utilized in the right manner.


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