When Should I Treat My House For Pests?

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Pest removal is an important task for the homeowners. Pests can prove to be the worst nightmare imaginable, damaging your property and even spreading some life threatening diseases. Many times in the history, some large-scale diseases were caused by the pests. In short, you must take preventive measures to make it sure that the pests are completely removed from your property.


A common question raised among the people is that when they should hire a company to treat the pests. The ideal frequency is that with which you will never face the pests again. The pest removal company will book your house in advance of particular dates.

Ask the expert:

The best answer to that question will be given by the expert of the pest removal company. The expert will charge you for the service. He will visit your property and will take his time. He will nearly take an hour to survey your property properly. There are some minute details that can be discovered by the experts only. After surveying the area, they will firstly tell the types of pests. We know of a company that does pest control in Sacramento CA and will diagnose the treatment for those pests. After which they will make a schedule for you. You can book the appointments in advance.

What is the schedule?

The schedules depend on the location of your property, type of pests, and the density of the pests too. If the pests are of a simple type like roaches then spraying two times monthly will be enough. Same follows for the silverfish. The spraying frequency also heavily depends on the location of your property. If you live in that area where certain pests are hard to overcome like in Florida, ants are really hard to overcome, then you will need to have spray monthly but if the pests are not hard to overcome then spraying after two or three months is enough. Normally, the suggestion given by the expert is to have the spray once every 6 months. But the suggestion varies according to the location and the types.

Most cost effective service:

The most cost effective service is the bi-monthly service. The technician will spray and make your property protected from the pests after every 2 months. This will give you the full and permanent protection against the pests. But ask the service provider about this service. Normally this service includes all the pests that are encountered normally like spiders, bugs, ants, silverfish, wasps etc. Review the service. If the service provider is not providing the complete removal of the pests then think about some other company.

Do-it-yourself service:

There is another option for you too. You can do the pest removal by yourself. There are many do-it-yourself products now locally available at the local hardware store. The products are numerous and it is really hard to decide. The only problem in this service is that the commercial products which are more effective are only available to the licensed professional pest removal companies so you may end up applying many products but not getting good results.


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