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Year Round Plants For Landscaping

By on September 1, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

Plants are the bread and butter of any budding gardener. By using plants in your landscaping scheme you can create a stunning year-round look for your backyard.

Using Plants In Your Landscaping Project
Many kinds of plants that are both easy to maintain yet stunning can be used to great effect for your landscaping project. You can find many species in your local gardening stores, home centers and nurseries: the types you chose will depend on local conditions and specifics of your plot and there are a few things to keep in mind when picking plants for your design.

What Plants To Pick
You need to make sure that the plants you chose for your new landscaping project thrive in your garden. To ensure that this is the case you should give any thought to what plants are suitable for the local conditions and particulars of the place you need to plant them in. It can be costly to buy specimens that have no chance to adapt to your plot because it does not provide them with any of the essentials that they need for healthy growth. One of the key factors to consider is the amount of sun exposure required by each plant versus what is available in your backyard: landscaping plants not only need to fit in with your design scheme but also be suited for the existing growing conditions.

Adding Height And Structure
Trees are a great way to define your landscape. For instance you may need to consider planting an oak tree: they come in many different kinds, are disease resistant, very adaptable and offer both shade and stunning foliage colors in the fall. You should be able to find one that is just right for your plot. You can also consider planting a maple tree: they are equally adaptable and display the most vibrant autumnal colors. However you do not have to use trees to line your landscape: flower borders can be equally effective.

Choosing Shrubs
Hedge plants and shrubs are also a great tool in adding structure to your garden design. They can bring the whole scheme together and will lend the garden a well maintained appearance. You can find all sorts of shrubs: any are flowering, any are evergreen and any of the deciduous types can provide a stunning display of color in the fall. As there are so many possible choices it should be pretty straightforward to pick shrubs that would work well with your design and local conditions.

Finishing Touches
Once most of the work is done remember to tie up loose ends by making sure you have made the most of each and every feature. Focal points will be even more effective once accented with the right accessories, such as perennial plants. They are a great option to embellish various areas, give greater definition to paths and terraces and best of all they come in so many shapes and colors that you should have a lot of fun deciding where to put each of them, so long as you keep in mind that they need to work well with the rest of your scheme!

A little bit of attention to detail yields great benefit when implementing a new garden design: whatever your choice of planting, a bit of careful maintenance will preserve their good looks.


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