Guideliner & the Skipper

Guideliner & the Skipper

Guideliner is a 57 ft twin engined motor cruiser, originally built in Holland as a live aboard pleasure yacht. She has accommodation for a maximum of ten passengers and two crew, although we restrict numbers to six guests except when a group booking requires more. The large saloon has excellent panoramic views whilst the spacious aft deck is an ideal place to sit in comfort and watch the world go by. It is also where the evening meal is taken when the weather allows.

Guideliner has two twin berth cabins and one double, so privacy on board is assured. All have opening windows to allow natural light and ventilation and the whole yacht is centrally heated. Cabin bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis as there is no supplement for the double berth.

The motor yacht is capable of up to 11 knots maximum speed although we tend to cruise at between eight and ten knots. This allows swift inter-island passages, and also means we have the ability to adjust our course if we hear news of interesting wildlife such as whales, dolphins or basking sharks. Should the weather conditions be inclement then we are able to reduce passage times to a minimum, or else quickly seek shelter should that be required. This all adds to the overall comfort of the trip.

As you would expect and as is required by law, Guideliner is comprehensively equipped, and is certified by the Marine Coastguard Agency to the safety standards necessary for the remote areas we visit.

The Skipper.

David Leaver has been sailing and working around the west coast of Scotland for twenty six years. From an early career as a zoologist, his main interests have developed into a general study of the natural history of the Hebrides. This includes not only the wildlife of the area, but also the geology, the history and the conservation of what is one of Britain’s most beautiful areas.

Guideliner Wildlife Cruises is unique in that it specializes in wildlife cruises and has a naturalist as the skipper. David Leaver is also a photographer and a writer. He is extremely good at knowing when and where to find the best and most interesting wildlife. He should with 26 yrs experience living and working in the area!!

He takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge with his guests, whether it be of the birds, animals and flowers of the area, or any other aspect of the natural history. A keen photographer he is always willing to make that extra effort to help others get the sort of superb images that will suitably record their holiday.

David is also a keen cook and enjoys helping the crew in providing a standard of cuisine that has found favour with his many guests in the past