Guideliner Hebridean Wildlife Cruises

Wildlife Encounters

That’s the skipper David Leaver taking a photo of a basking shark – this is what he got:

Would you like to see whales, dolphins, seals, many different species of bird including the white tailed sea eagle, otters, deer and of course the most beautiful wildflowers?

At the same time do you want to enjoy some marvellous cruising around the spectacular West Coast of Scotland?

Then perhaps a trip with Guideliner Wildlife Cruises is for you!

All photographs were taken, by either the skipper or guests aboard Guideliner.

Whilst at sea we have many close encounters with several species of whale, including: minke, sei, sperm and pilot, even humpback during 2004, and also with several species of dolphin including: orcas, risso’s, common, atlantic white-sided and white beaked as well as regularly seeing the ubiquitous harbour porpoise.

Bottle nosed dolphins come alongside to see what we are up to!!

And we see other species such as this risso’s dolphin

We also see some very strange things under the sea!!

This is Rhizostoma pulmo, known locally as the “dustbin” jellyfish, due to its’ large size. It can grow in excess of 30 inches across the upper surface. Luckily it doesn’t pack a sting that affects humans.

Although this one Cyanea capillata is a different thing altogether. With tentacles (and stingers) that can reach over 12 meters in length the Lions mane jellyfish is no laughing matter!! We keep a good lookout for this beastie when we’re swimming!

As well as being surrounded by fantastic scenery, the birding is great with excellent opportunities for photography:

In the early part of the year, great northern divers are now very common and will even feed under the boat!

On the islands we have wonderful opportunities to get close to puffins, razorbills, shags and many others.

Sometimes we are fortunate to encounter one of our rarest birds – the white tailed sea eagle.

They quite often fly over the boat while we also come across them on the boulders and cliffs along the shoreline of various islands.

While we are travelling around the islands, we see lots of other animals including common and grey seals